Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ahoy Sailor! Nautical Wedding Invitations

There's nothing quite like a fresh nautical invitation design to excite your guests for a Spring/Summer wedding on a dark winter's day.

Nautical designs are perfect for informal seaside wedding celebrations; choose neutral shades for a relaxed look or bold stripes and dark navy for more formal weddings with a touch of sophisticated military style. Here are some gorgeous designs I've spotted across the internet over the past couple of weeks.

Seaside Sparkle

I'll start with one of my own designs, I created this pretty design depicting a flock of seagulls flying in a heart shape for my sister's wedding in June this year. The design fitted perfectly with her Brighton seaside venue with outstanding views of the pebble beach and iconic pier.

Seaside Sparkle Wedding Invitation Design by Lisa Loves

Smart Stripes

I love the detail of the formal navy stripes on the inside of the envelope. This design does a wonderful job of bringing the various elements of the invitation (the envelope, invitation and RSVP cards) together in theme and style.


Tie the Knot

I love this clever and intricate design which has been a big hit on pinterest for a number of months  now. The design allows your guests to quite literally 'tie the knot' as they open the invitation. To add to the nautical feel I would use neutral rope or twine and a sea blue or navy card.


Sleek and Simple 

The simplicity of this nautical wedding invitation design with it's vibrant colour and simple anchor image is perfect for couples looking for an understated look and feel. 

Vintage Seaside 

Vintage designs have become hugely popular over the last year or so and this cute design with it's elegant vintage style fonts and playful touches of colour is just gorgeous. 

Image: Lauren M Design

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cadbury Purple - The Colour of the Season

I've got to say that anything that reminds me of the yummy taste of a scrumptiously indulgent cadbury chocolate bar is a winner for me, so I'm delighted that 'Cadbury Purple' is trending as one of the most popular wedding colours of the season.

The Chocolate Box

Your guests will be as excited about unwrapping this sumptuous and elegant wedding invitation as they will a giant box of Milk Tray. mmm mmmmmmmm
Image Source: Unknown*

Flock and Diamonds

The deep colour of this flock design really makes the beautiful motif stand out. I'd say this design would work both with and without the diamonte buckle - just like salt 'add to taste'.

Image Source: Hip and Twist


Woweeee, this candle wedding invitation embellished with purple pressed flowers and inscribed in gold script really is an indulgent option and I really do LOVE it!

Image Source: Chandlers Candle

Spooky Skulls

Love Halloween? Can't wait until next October? Why not add a little twist of spooky fun to your wedding with this quirky skull design. 
Image Source: Unknown

Purple and Peacock

I've always been conscious of using peacock feather as part of wedding stationery and decor as they are superstitiously considered bad luck, however; combining motifs, real feathers and delicate Cadbury purple ribbon, I just can't get enough of this gorgeous design.

Image Source: Peacock Invitations

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Interactive Wedding Invitations

No longer are wedding invitations just simple cards to be blue tacked to the wall, these fun ideas require your guest to touch, play and even taste your wedding invitation.

 Here are some of my favourite ideas where interaction is key. We'll start with one of my own designs, where guests are invited to undress the invitation, untying the ribbon and removing the lace to reveal the wedding invitation.

Undress the Lace

Fortune Teller Invitations

Take your guests back on a sentimental journey to their school days with these cute as a button fortuner teller wedding invitations. Reveal the date, time, location and perhaps even dress code as you follow the instructions and play this fun childhood game. 

Image: Kat's Krafts

Edible Wedding Invitations

Guarenteed to please your guests will love to recieve a delicious treat as they unwrap your wedding invitation. Choose from lollipops, chocolate bars or your favourite childhood treat. Don't forget to include an extra card with all the information for your guests to keep once they have indulged in your delicious treat invite.

Chocolate Lollipop Invitation with RSVP tag  - Image: Wedding Splendor 

View-Master Wedding Invitations

Remember these? Wow this takes me back! These super cool View-Master wedding invitations are perfect for retro style weddings. The View-Master comes with a viewer and a round circular roll of images. To create a fun wedding invitation tell a story by including pictures of both of your childhoods and as a happy couple along with information on the date and location of the wedding. 

Unfortunately I have been unable to source the original producer of these invitations. If this is you please PM me and I will include a link! 

Puzzle Piece Wedding Invitations

A great idea for smaller weddings where guests don't know each other very well. Each guest is given their wedding invitation in the form of a large puzzle piece. On the back are the details of the wedding, date time location etc. and on the front, a portion of one of the couples favourite  photographs. All guests are asked to bring their wedding invitation with them on the big day so they can put their pieces of the puzzle together to recreate the original photograph. Couples don't forget to make spares for guests that forget!  

Image: Piece by Piece

Word-search Wedding Invitations

Every time I feel like I have found the most awesome wedding invitations, something else, even more awesome presents itself and these word-search wedding invitations are exactly that! Everyone loves a word-search and think of all the fun you could have hiding words in your puzzle, choose words that suite your theme, are romantic or reflective or maybe even a little bit rude/cheeky! ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Festival Chic Wedding Invitations

One of my very favourite wedding stationery fashions of the moment is the festival poster look. With so many weddings now taking place in rural farmhouses and barns this rustic style adds a fun twist to a festival style wedding. It's great for injecting that all important personality into your wedding invitations, allowing lots of detailed info and bursts of colour.

Here are some of my favourite festival poster designs, the first being my own design I created for a lovely couple who got married at the gorgeous Pangdean Farm in East Sussex.

Festival Chic Wedding Invitation by Lisa Loves

Image: Lisa Loves Design

Festival Poster Table Plan

This cute table plan looks like a Glastonbury festival line-up - who wouldn't want to be at this party?

Festival Ticket Wedding Invitations

A great idea for adding the festival vibe to your wedding - send you invites in the form of tickets.

Image: Mooks Design

Image: Jonathan Martin

Wedding Lanyards

These lanyards work as a fun and unique wedding invitation or they could be given out on the day with descriptions of timings and entertainment, great if you've got a lot going on!

Image: Truly Madly Dottie

7-inch LP Wedding Invitations

The quirkiest idea I've found but this is so clever, i'm positive guests at this wedding will never forget these very stylish  7-inch LP wedding invitations



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